There are over 6800 spoken languages in the world and most themes are translated in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. However, this theme is built they way that you can translate it with ease. We have already added default “.po” WordPress language files and you can start translation from there.


Please note! This tutorial will apply on most WordPress themes that are translation ready and not just Travelify or Pinbin so feel free to read further even if you are not using our themes.

How to translate any WordPress Theme?

1. First of all you will need to download .PO file editor like Poedit or other. It is possible to use any text editor but it will be so much easier to use Poedit than regular text edit so I strongly recommend to download it. It’s free, works on Mac, Windows and Linux and there is no reason not to use it.


2.  Second thing is to open default language files form your theme. In Travelify case it is located in languages folder inside theme folder. This file is called travelify.po. You should use this default file for translation but you need to create a new file when you are done. Most themes has the same structure and language files should be somewhere inside theme folder. There is chance that your theme is not ready for translation so it might take time to modify. If you are not developer it might be a pain to create translation support for theme.

3. Now in the Poedit click on original text one by one and write your translation underneath. Just like you can see iu the screenshot below. It will take some time to get through all of them so be patient. If you think that some translations you won’t need you can leave them as they are in the original language.

4. Now the most important part. When you are saving your file in theme language folder you should use proper language code. For instance if you have translated WordPress theme to German you should use “de_DE.po” as file name and “fr_FR.po” for French. This will make sure that WordPress understands what language you are referring to. For other languages codes please see this documentation.


5. Now WordPress will use theme language the same as your WordPress language. If your WordPress dashboard uses French, don’t expect for theme to show German. Changing WordPress language will automatically change theme language if it is available in the theme language folder under proper name we discussed in Step 4.

6. Changing WordPress language is as easy as adding

define ('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');

to the “wp-config.php” file located at your WordPress installation root folder. You can download WP language files or entire WordPress installation in your language from here.

If you have translated Travelify or Pinbin WordPress themes you can send me “.po” language files and I will add them to default theme installation. I will feature your name on theme itself as well as I will give credit on this website. I really appreciate your support and will say a proper thank you! :)

If you have any questions regarding WordPress theme translation or any question related to our WordPress themes please don’t hesitate and leave your questions in comments below.

Written by Deepak Oberoi
Deepak Oberoi is a technical blogger.