Transfer Magento Installtion to a New Server

Magento is a very popular Content Management System these days.

This post will help you transfer your Magento installation to any Server. First Verify the Magento installation. Follow the step by step tutorial to transfer local Magento store to a another server.

First step for transferring local Magento installation to another/Live server is to move the files and database.


Before moving contents to a new server you need to have the following:

  • Verify Your New server supports Magento Installation.
  • Knowledge on FTP/File Transfer and Database transfer between servers
  • Text Editor to edit Files

Please follow these steps to Upload your files and Database to the new server.

  • Copy all your local files to the production server using any FTP client of SSH/Putty to your convenience.
  • Import your Database to the new production server database

Now since we have setup the basic move, now we need to modify the files to change the settings to transfer Magento installation to new server:

  • To Update the database info edit the app/etc/local.xml file and Update database credentials with new server details. After edit your file connection block should look like this:
               <initStatements><![CDATA[SET NAMES utf8]]></initStatements>
  • Now update New URL if changed in the database. For that edit the mag_core_config_data table in the production database. update values for Path (web/secure/base_url AND web/unsecure/base_url).
  • Update the URLs of your local installation to point to the live server
  • Use the query to select the records – SELECT * FROM `mag_core_config_data` WHERE `value` LIKE "http://%";
    NOTE: replace your Magento DB prefix with ‘mag_’ above so table name should be PREFIX_core_config_data.
  • Delete the cache files from the /var folder
  • Delete the contents of app/etc/use_cache.ser if exists as well

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